Painted Prints

Painted Prints

You can capture hand and feet prints on almost any item of pottery and these painted prints simply cost the price of the item that you choose. There is no extra charge for us to help you or do the writing, its all included. Items are normally ready within one week, sometimes less if you are lucky.

Family Keepsakes

This is a great way of creating timeless keepsakes for all the family. We have many different mugs, jugs, plates and vases in all shapes and sizes. Perfect for Mothers Day, Fathers Day. Christmas presents for grandparents.

My First Christmas

In the run up to Christmas we must make 100’s of My First Christmas Baubles. We normally have baubles in stock all year round, they might not be on the shelf but we have them stashed away so if you want one, just ask. Again this is the best time for making affordable presents all in one go. Choose coasters, hearts, stars and many other hanging items.

We can also create creatures from the prints, creative colour choices, a few lines and dot later, hey presto you have a reindeer or a penguin. We are happy to try out any ideas!

Many MugsMany Mugs
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