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Covid-19 Guidelines

The most important thing to remember is that if you are showing any symptoms of Covid 19 please stay at home and do not visit us.

1. To enable us to maintain social distancing of 1m + we have made a few changes to the layout of the studio and devised some new procedures for our customer and staff to follow.

2. We are encouraging customers to book online - this enables us to maintain staggered arrival and to some extent departure times. If you turn up without a prior booking we will endeavour to fit you in with our schedule.  Whilst times are uncertain we ask that there is no more than two people in a group that are not painting.

3. Arrival - Please arrive no more than five minute before your booking time. Knock and wait at the door and we will let you in when safe to do so. We will show you to your table and ask you to choose your pots either by looking on our take away page on the website or by browsing the shelves one or two people at a time (especially if there are other people in the studio). Your session is for one hour and thirty minutes (although if we are not busy we can be flexible on the times)

4. Whilst in the studio use the hand sanitiser or wash your hands with soap and water.

5. Order your drinks at the table and we will bring them to you.

6. When it is time to leave wait for the counter to be free, bring your pottery (only the person who is paying) to the counter and we will take your details and payment and email you your receipt.

7. Once you leave we will thoroughly clean the table, mat, brushes and bottles ready for the next customers.

8. A lot of what we have said is a variation on what we already do, and the bottom line is to use common sense. Respect other poeple and their spaces. Keep yourself safe and you will keep others safe too.

We may tweak our procedures as time goes by and we get into a new routine.

Thank you in advance for supporting our business.

Below are photos of our various rooms. You can see the two smaller studios upstairs that have been re-decorated. Studio 1 is the teal walled room with the sofa in it and Studio 2 is the green walled room.
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