Razzle Dazzle Pots

Take Home Kits

Whilst everyone is quarantined at home we are offering you the chance to enjoy pottery painting at home.

We have put together some pots of glaze, some brushes if you need them and instructions on how best to use the materials. Simply have a look through the videos below and decide what you want then give us a call or send us an email or message on Facebook and we can arrange collection.  If you are unsure of the cost of an item, please just ask. The videos will be updated every so often as our stock changes.

The cost is purely down to the items of pottery that you choose and we can take payment over the phone.
If you are not displaying any symptoms you are welcome to come into the studio to collect your kit or we can meet you in the car park and hand over the bag.

Once you have completed your project then bring the items back to the studio for us to fire in the kiln. We suggest that you give us a call or message us to check that there will be someone here. We envisage that in the coming weeks we will be running a reduced service
All items are £1O each
All items are £12 each
All items are £14 each
All items are £16 each
All items are £18 each
All items are £20 each
All items are £22 each
Plates & Mugs
Some top shelf items
More big top shelf items
Stacked money boxes
More large items
Some of the bigger items
Dog bowls and random items
Coasters and butter dishes
Hearts & hangers
Tea lights
Spoon rests and misc items
Mostly pots with lids
Egg cups & other items
Mostly Vases
Mostly Jugs

Fun size plates
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