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Book or not to Book?

Booking or Walk In

Booking has changed our lives, well almost, but not going to lie it has changed the way we operate as a business. So with this in mind we now always recommend you booking your table before you arrive. Especially if you intend to come during a busy period such as a Saturday or during a school holiday.

It is very simple to book a table here at Razzle Dazzle - simply click the link that can be found on almost every page on our website or if that is not for you, give us a quick call on 0115 905 6029 during our opening hours of Tuesday to Saturday 10:00am to 5:30pm. We will be more than happy to find you a table at the closest time to when you would like to come.

Painted Fairy with a wand
Make a wish and paint pottery!

Using the App

One challenge that some people find when using the booking app is which table to choose - we recommend clicking the first option on the list which is - Choose Anyone Available - by doing this the app will display the times we have available and then allocate a table.  Choosing a specific table can be troublesome and time consuming because the table may already be booked at the time you want to come but many other tables may in fact be available.

Top Tip - remember to double check the date before you press book now.

Try not to fox us
Try not to fox us, let us know who you are

Adding a Note

In the booking form there is the option to write a little note to us, please do! Please let us know how many people will be in your group - this includes both painters and non painters. This is so that we can ensure that you have a table big enough for you all to sit down at. Let us know if you would like to specifically be upstairs or down or if you have a special requirement like a quite space for someone with special needs etc.

Walk In

During the week, Tuesday to Friday, when it is not a school holiday you should be fine with a walk in. However it does help us plan our day if we know who will be coming to the studio and when.

Book to paint your own mug
Is that a shark?


If you have been a customer from before the pandemic then you will know that we used to operate only on walk ins and we would try or best to fit people in often sharing tables and it being a bit of a squeeze at times. The lockdowns gave us time to rethink and restructure our operation and rethink the layout of the studios. Now with the booking app in place we do our best to give people their own table at a time that is good for them.

paint your own pasta bowl
Forest at Night

Change of Plan

Sometimes life happens and you need to cancel your booking or change it to a different time. This can be done from the email that was sent to you at the time of the booking, if you can't find this (sometimes an email typo means you didn't get one) then please contact us either by phone, email or a message through social media. Cancelling your booking in good time means that we are able to offer the table to someone else.

Booking for Me Time

Once a month we have our Adults Only Me Time Evenings. If you haven't heard of this before then read on. Our Me Times are an opportunity for you to come along for a pottery painting session in the evening. The session starts at 6:30pm and we generally kick people out by 9:30pm. Giving you more time to get stuck in to your designs and have a good natter to your friends at the same time.

The evening is very popular so it is vital you book in good time!

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