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Take Away Kits

Take Away kits are the new in thing! Razzle Dazzle Pots is now offering you the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of choosing at home from our wide selection of pottery, having the items delivered, painting them at home and then returning them to be glazed and fired. 

Whilst the country is experiencing issues with the pandemic and following social distancing guidelines we have made a few amendments to the process of collecting and returning pottery. All visits to studio need to be pre-arranged so that we can attempt to keep the numbers of people visiting our studio and interacting with each other to a minimum.

How it Works

The process is simple
  1. Browse our videos below and make a note of the items you wish to order. We can’t guarantee that we will have the item you want in stock however we will update the videos regularly so that there will be a very good chance that we will have what you want.
  2. Then either phone us up to make the order or complete the form below and we will call you back to discuss what items you would like and then we will take payment over the phone.
  3. We will discuss with you the collection times or delivery options available. For those of you who find it difficult to get to the studio we are currently offering free delivery within a three mile radius of Razzle Dazzle Pots (NG3 5QQ) any further will incur a £1 per mile additional charge.
  4. When we arrive at your house we will knock and step back leaving the items on the door step and wait for you to answer.
  5. When you have painted your items you need to either call and see if we can pick them up on our delivery rounds, drop them off here at the studio - call to arrange a time, or drop them off in our out of hours drop box.
  6. To access the drop box you will need to call us up for the padlock code. This code will be changed regularly.
  7. Your pottery will normally be fired within a week, again whilst we have regulations on social distancing please call us up to arrange a time to pick up.

Call us on 0115 905 6029

Take Away Kit info

Please fill in the form below giving us as much information as you can about which pot you would like. Along with your pot we will supply a selection of glazes - have a think about which colours you would like. We have some paint brushes for you to borrow, we do need them back so we can lend them out again to other customers.

Please save all unused glazes too and return them all in the bag when you return your items for firing.
All items are £1O each
All items are £12 each
All items are £14 each
More items at £14 each
All items are £16 each
All items are £18 each
All items are £20 & £22 each
All items are £24 & £28 each
Big Bear & £26 items
Assorted Bowls
Various Chickens
A selection of Coasters
Egg Cups etc.
Fancy Plates
Our Jugs Collection
Larger Items & Big Money Boxes
More Larger Items
Larger Tiles & Picture Frame
Our Lidded Pots Collection
Something for the Pooch or Kitty
Huge Selection of Mugs
All Kinds of Plates
Spoon Rests Galore
Tea Lights & Lanterns
Lots of Tea Pots
A Myriad of Vases
XL Platter & Clock
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