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Razzle Dazzle Pots

Take Away Kits

During the first part of the 2020 pandamic we started offering customers the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of painting our pottery items at home and then returning them to be glazed and fired. 

This option will still be available going forward you just need to come along into the studio and choose the items you would like to take away.
The process is simple
  1. Pop into the studio and choose what you would like, let us know you would like to paint at home.
  2. We can provide the glaze & brushes etc that you will need.
  3. You take everything home, have an enjoyable time painting
  4. When you have painted your items you need to drop them off here at the studio
  5. Your pottery will normally be fired within a week, usually ready on a Tuesday.

Call us on 0115 905 6029

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