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Razzle Dazzle Pots

What to expect in 2020

Your new pottery painting journey through our studio


To help us keep a track of numbers and to increase the distance between painters we have introduced an online booking system. You will see that we have one less table downstairs but an additional room upstairs.

To read more about the improved upstairs space read this page. When booking you will also notice that the arrival times are staggered on different tables, this again is to help us reduce the amount of overlap of customers arriving and leaving. Each session is for one and a half hours with a thirty minute space between slots so that we have time to clean the table ready for the next customers.

As you can appreciate times are going to be a bit different for a while and whilst they are we are asking that there is no more that two non painters in each booking.

Whist you are here

When you arrive at the studio, please knock and wait to be admitted, we will then show you to your table and one at a time your group will be invited to browse the shelves to choose an item to paint.

To speed this process up it would be a good idea to have a look at our Take Away page which has short videos of each of our shelves, this means you can browse without leaving your chair! 

On each table there is a bottle of hand sanitizer, please use this on arrival or if you prefer go upstairs and wash your hands with soap and water. If you need to use the toilet whilst you are here please be sure to wash your hands and supervise young children. There are also additional cleaning materials in the bathroom should you need to use them. Our toilet will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Keeping yourself as safe as you can is key to keeping other people safe too. If we all adopt this policy we will all be doing our best to keep everyone safe.

Time to leave

When you have finished painting one person brings the completed items to the counter. Please wait until the counter is free before approaching. We ask that everyone else should remain seated until you are all ready to leave.

We are now using a computerised point of sales system and we will ask you for your name, email and phone number. We will email you the receipt and we also will have a record of your transaction so in the future we won't have any issues finding your bag! All personal data is only used for our own purposes, will not be shared with anyone else and is password protected. 

Remember to collect your loyalty card stamps - one full side is worth £10 of your next visits!

You will then leaver your pot with us and we will dip it into a special glaze and then fire it in the kiln.The whole process takes about a week. Currently we fire our kilns at least once or twice a week. Times may vary in busy periods. If you have to make a special journey call ahead to ensure your item is ready.

Plenty to Choose From

Come along in to discuss your ideas...

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