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Paint a Pot

  • So you are ready to paint a pot and are interested in how it works. You are on the right page!

  • Book your session either by phone or via our online booking system. Walk ins are accepted subject to availability.

  • When you book we may contact you to amend your arrival time a little bit. This is to help us to stagger arrivals. Once the Covid 19 rules are relaxed we hope that this will no longer be necessary!

  • To make more space we have reduced the number of tables downstairs but upstairs has been redecorated creating two additional smaller more private studios.

  • Meaning that we now have four amazing spaces, three up and one down.
  • Whist you are here

  • When you arrive at the studio, please ring the bell and wait to be admitted.

  • We will then show you to your table and your group will be invited to browse the shelves to choose items to paint.

  • Once seated with your item of pottery a member of staff will explain how it works and what you need to do to get the best results.

  • On each table there is a bottle of hand sanitizer, please use this on arrival or if you prefer go upstairs and wash your hands with soap and water.

  • In the studio you will find various tools and sponges for you to use. If you are unsure how to use them please ask, we will be more than happy to explain how they work.

  • We have a few how to videos here on the website. Take a look!

  • Around the studio there are many painted examples to inspire you. You can also find many more on our Pinterest page and in the galleries here on our website.
  • Time to leave

  • When you have finished painting one person brings the completed items to the counter. Please wait until the counter is free before approaching. We ask that everyone else should remain seated until you are all ready to leave.

  • We are now using a computerised point of sales system and we will ask you for your name, email and phone number. We will email you the receipt and we also will have a record of your transaction so in the future we won't have any issues finding your bag!

  • All personal data is only used for our own purposes, will not be shared with anyone else and is password protected. 

  • Remember to collect your loyalty card stamps - one full side is worth £10 off your next visit!

  • You will then leave your pot with us and we will dip it into a special glaze and then fire it in the kiln.The whole process takes about a week.

  • Currently we fire our kilns at the weekend ready for your pottery to be collected on Tuesday. Sometimes the kiln gods don't always play fair and your pot may need to be fired again. If you have to make a special journey please call ahead to ensure your item is ready.
  • See our studio spaces

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    paint a pot
    paint a pot
    paint a pot

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