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Razzle Dazzle Pots

Me Time Evening

Come and take a well earned break.
You deserve it!

Time for you!

Me Time

Once a month we stay open till late for our Adults Only Me Time evenings. They are a great chance to have some time to yourself or mix with friends and get creative. Beware though it can be addictive!

If you have never been to an adults only evening painting session, but perhaps have been thinking about it for a while, now is your chance to get yourself organised. Call your friends and book it in now so it’s all sorted!

Play with Clay

In these sessions you can choose our Play with Clay option. We are not expert potters and this isn't a taught session but just like the title says - Play with clay. We suggest making things like a hand built wall hanging, decoration or pinch / slab pots. The cost is £15 each for the session, there is an additional charge if you come back another time to have the items glazed.

Extra clay can be provided for an additional cost if needed.

Book Now

If you are interested in coming then please either give us a call to book your place or click the book now button and go to the date you want. There is no minimum spend for pottery painting and the cost is determined by the items you choose to paint.

Once Covid 19 restrictions are lifted, If you have a group that would like to come on a different evening, then give us a call we may be able to book you a private group session. This is subject to a minimum group spend of £150.

Dates so far for 2021

  • Thurs 27th May 21
  • Thurs 24th June 21
  • Thurs 29th July 21
  • Thurs 19th August 21
  • Thurs 23rd Sept 21
  • Thurs 28th Oct 21
  • Thurs 18th Nov 21
  • Thurs 9th Dec 21
  • Customer Gallery

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