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We are approaching that time of the month again! So if you fancy an evening of pottery painting then give us a call and book your table. Of course you can also just click on the book now button and go from there!

Simple but effective!

How it works

If you are new to the concept of our adult only evenings that we call Me Time, they are straight forward ... the session runs from 6:30pm to around 9:30pm. The cost is down to the item of pottery you choose to paint. You can bring your own alcohol and we do serve hot & cold drinks. Oh and we respectfully request that you leave your young children at home, although we have no problem at all with well behaved teenagers!

As I always say, 'you can't go wrong with dots!'

Future dates

The dates for the rest of the year are listed below. Feel free to book your sessions now, just remember to put them in your calendar so you don't forget!

  • 19th August
  • 23rd September
  • 28th October
  • 18th November
  • 9th December

Summer Holidays

Going into the summer holidays we are keeping things very much the same, so if you would like to come please go to the booking page on our website or give us a call to reserve a table.

Of course if you just turn up on the door we will do our best to accommodate you, and due to the renovation of our upstairs rooms we now have more tables to use so it is highly likely that we will have availability!

At the time of writing this post, the wearing of masks and checking in on test and trace is totally up to you. Please feel comfortable which ever option you choose.

We look forward to seeing you at Me Time and over the coming weeks.

all the best Jane & Nichola


Just a quick reminder that we are closed for a week - 11-18th June 2021 whist Jane & Nichola enjoy a holiday by the seaside. We are back open again on the 19th June.

The website is still taking bookings whilst we are enjoying some sun and sea so please do continue to plan your visit to come in and book your tables to paint here at Razzle Dazzle!

Me Time

Also it's our adults only Me Time Evening on Thursday 24th so if you fancy getting creative book your table now. (go to 6:30pm on the 24th June) If you fancy doing some clay work you can also have a go on Me Time, just pop a note on the booking that you would like to do clay. The cost is £15 each for clay. clay

Mandala Jug

We know, we know it's a bit last minute but we just realised that we hadn't put the Me Time dates down on the calendar!

Thursday 27th May

Are you desperate for a night out with the girls (or boys for that matter) and the chance for a good old natter and a catch up? Well Me Time is the answer. We can now accept bookings from multiple households up to a maximum of six to a table or two separate households.

If you have been before then you know how it works but for those new to the concept here is a quick rundown. Call us on 0115 905 6029 or go online to book.

  • Book now
  • The time is Thursday 27th 6.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Cost is purely down to the pottery items you choose to paint
  • You can choose to Play with Clay instead of painting - this has a per head cost of £15 each
  • We allow you to bring along snacks and alcoholic beverages
  • Hot Chocolate with all the toppings is advised!
Me Time 27th May

Inclusive activity for every generation

After a year of lockdowns and restrictions we all need some time to just chill out, what better way than with some art therapy. Go online for some design inspiration, check out our Pinterest page for ideas or just wing it when you get here, either way we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Me Time

Play with Clay

If you can't make it next week the next dates are 24th June & 29th July. We will of course remind you of these closer to the time.

Paint by 9th June

We have a confession to make,  both of us have managed to book a holiday at the same time ....so we will be closed from the 11th June until the 18th June. This means that if you want to paint something special for your Dad this year you need to have painted it by the 9th June and collect it on the afternoon of Thursday 10th or on Saturday 19th.

We will be doing a very last minute kiln firing to ensure that anything done that week will the available to be taken home on Thursday 10th June.

This means that you can't wait till the last minute... Sorry about that.

Father's Day Ideas

New baby

Is there a new baby in the house? You do know don't you that you now have a purpose built present making device? Dad will love his special "I love my Daddy" keepsake with those tiny hands & feet on.

glazed mug foot print keepsake

Foot prints on straight sided mug £12 each

Budding Artist

Of course Daddy would love a 'insert cute figurine here' painted by his special child, it can even live in their bedroom.... yes we have encountered this scenario many a time! What ever the item it will still have been painted with love for Dad!

Dog Party Animal

More accomplished artist

Pottery painting isn't all about young children, teenagers love coming too. This mug was painted last year by Hannah for her Dad. It's awesome!
Father's Day Mug

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