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Many of you out there started out coming along to Razzle Dazzle with a child, perhaps thinking that pottery painting is just for children. We hope that you now realise that this is a fallacy and in fact it is a fun and relaxing (most of the time) activity for everyone, including the adults! We also know that certain people often say things like, 'paint something useful', there is nothing more useful than the humble spoon rest.

In this post we want to highlight the very useful spoon rest. That interesting dish that sits on the worktop and dutifully holds onto the spoons whilst you are busy mixing and stirring. We have several sizes and shapes and the design possibilities are endless. Choose colours that fit with your kitchen or go bold and stylised that choice is yours.

Prices as of September 2020 are as follows

Pineapple - £18
Sunflower - £16
Medium - £16
Large - £20

We also have a variety of small plates of different shapes that can be used in this way too!

Spoon Rest Ideas

More often than not coming up with the design idea is the hardest part of paint a pot. We have a Pinterest page with many ideas on it including some spoon rests, but I find that you can get inspiration from many sources. Take a look at your home, your clothing, the internet, there are lots of places!

Remember if you would like to come along to paint you need to book your session in advance either over the phone or using our online booking system which you can find by clicking the link below or going to our website.

This year is going to be an interesting one for us and everyone really! This will be the first really busy half term using the new booking system whilst attempting to maintain the Government rules on social distancing and wearing masks.

One positive is that this year both Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire schools have a half term that lasts for two weeks. Meaning that painting sessions will be spread over two weeks rather than squeezing you all in over just one.

Booking and face masks

When booking your session, please remember to let us know how many of you will be coming and where possible limit the numbers of non-painters to a maximum of two. This will help us to allocate the tables better - well we hope it will! We will be making full use of the whole studio, upstairs and down so if you specifically want a particular table please let us know in the 'note' box on the booking form.

Another nicely asked request is for you to bare with us, be patient and to remember to bring your face mask with you. Please wear your mask whenever you are not sat down at your table. Let's all do our best on this one.

Please try to book online before the day you plan to come, there may still be tables available on the day, please call to book. Leave walking in to a last resort as we regret that we won't necessarily be able to guarantee you a table.

Last comment about booking, please remember the Rule of Six. If you are coming with friends book separately, the tables are spaced out and we ask that you do not mingle. The last thing we want is to be shut down for silly things like this.

New Stuff to paint!

This week we have had some exciting new items delivered along with some things making a come back after being absent for a while. A couple of the new pots are these awesome lanterns!

New lanterns

Penguins are back!

Take Away and paint at home

Painting at home has always been an option but not widely done however since lockdown more people have opted to paint at home rather than come to the studio. If you would like to do some pottery painting at home this half term, or any time, then please get in touch. The videos on the Take Away page are being updated over the next week or so but you can still get the idea of how it works from that page.

One final request, please tell your friends and family about us. We are a tiny business and we need you.

All the best Jane & Nichola

PS Me Time is on the 29th Oct and tables are booking fast....

Yes its our 10th Birthday this week. Well based on our official opening day that is! We actually moved in during the summer of 2010 and spent a couple of months making the place look lovely. It has changed a bit over the ten years and we feel so proud of the awesome business we have created.

Cutting the ribbon October 2010

Have you seen these gorgeous silver keepsake items? Perhaps a friend or family member has one and you want one for yourself! Well! look no further because we can supply a massive selection of silver items. Have a look at our gallery and see a selection of the choice available.

We also have the option of leather keyring.

How does it work?

We need a hand or foot print (or paw if you want to get your pet's imprint done). Ideally this is done by us in the studio using our special reactive paper. However, it doesn't have to be, prints for silver jewellery can be taken from virtually any media. Bring them along or email them to us and we will let you know if it can be used.

Once we have this we will send it off to our silver producer who will do some magical jiggery pokery and make a tiny stamp of the print, prepare the silver and make your chosen item. This also gets fired (but not so hot and for so long as the pottery), made smooth and shiny and returned to us for you to wear with pride.

Layered Dog tags

Heart with paw print

Tear Drop Pendant

Prices start at around £70. If you are interested in finding out more then please call in and ask to view our brochure and the prices for individual items.

How long will it take to make?

The turnaround time for the silver keepsake jewellery is usually one week, the same as the pottery however when it gets to busy times then please allow a little longer.

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