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Hello! Do you remember us? It seems such a long time ago since we have seen your lovely faces and it is great to be able to say 'we are back!' Well, we will be back on the 13th April 2021 - we are just letting you know now so that you can make plans to visit us!

If you have seen our posts on social media you will know that we have been on a countdown now for the past couple of weeks. We are now in the final week and we need to ask a favour.

We need to feel the love! So we ask ever so nicely if you would share this email and our social media posts with everyone, in all the groups (don't annoy too many people though) and most of all please book to come in and paint with us.

We are back

Don't be late, book your table now.

We are open again from Tuesday 13th April, you can follow the link to book a table now or call us (0115 905 6029) for same day reservations. (we won't be there to answer the phone till Tuesday so don't call just yet)

The Easter Holidays will still be in full swing and looking at the weather app it is looking like it will be pretty pants weather wise. So what are you waiting for?

Rainbow Mug

Rainbow of hearts on the XL Mug

When we are back open there will still be Covid 19 restrictions in place.

We have been given the go ahead to open by Gedling Borough Council, with some conditions that we must to adhere to, otherwise we will get into trouble!
These are:

  • bookings need to be one family group
  • Tables spaced apart
  • No refreshments
  • Face masks on all the time
  • Keep up the social distancing and hand sanitiser use
  • Ring the door bell and we will let you in
  • Limited movement around the studio - stay seated as much as possible

Of course please stay at home if you are insolation or have had a positive test - not sure why we even need to say this one, by now this is just so ingrained in our psyche!

There have been a few changes to the layout of the studio, we have removed a few tables both downstairs and up so that there is more space. All the upstairs spaces are available to book, please say in the comment when booking or when you arrive if you have specifically chosen to be upstairs.

studio 3

Studio 3

The most important thing for us is that we are back! And fingers crossed for no more lockdowns!


Nichola & Jane with cheesy grins

Good morning pottery fans. Just a quick message to let you know the important dates for your pottery painting at Razzle Dazzle.

Last Day to paint

If you want something ready for Christmas it needs to have been painted and back here with us by the end of Saturday the 19th December 2020. So if you have a take away kit that needs to be fired bring it back anytime this week. We are open 10am - 5.30 Tuesday to Saturday. The same goes for visiting us. We have painting sessions available all week, so if you have an idea to paint something unique for that someone special you need to book a time pretty quickly. Our booking page lets you book a day in advance so if you want to come today then you need to give us a call on 0115 905 6029.

Last Minute Collections

We are open on Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd December for painting and collections. Anything painted however will not be ready to take home until the New Year. The opening hours on those days are the usual ones 10am -5.30pm.

Painting with the family over the holidays

We are not opening this year between Christmas and New Year. So if you are thinking of activities for the family during the holiday then how about a take away kits. Several customers have already been in and collected pottery and glaze for Christmas Day pottery painting. You can book a browsing session for a take away kit or go online or just come along in when we are open. You just need to observe the social distancing guidelines.

January 2021

2021 is almost here and who knows if it will be any different to 2020! At the moment the plan is to open up the studio again on the 2nd January but who knows what the situation will be. Watch this space!


The studio is open and all the Christmas stock is out, ready and waiting for you to come along and paint it. Scroll down to have a look at the Christmas display. When we though that we couldn't have painters in the studio we re-arranged downstairs to look for like a gift shop, all the tables were moved to the sides and used for display purposes.

Come in and paint

Now that we are able to have a few families in to paint the downstairs is still laid out as a browsing area and the painters are upstairs. Our tables are reduced to maintain the social distancing that is required so if you do want to come please book now.

Christmas Table

Christmas Table

Come in for Keepsakes

Baby's first Christmas is something that can still be celebrated this year with a lovely hand or footprint bauble. We always say once you have a baby you have a ready made present making opportunity now, perfect presents for all your close relatives. Give them a keepsake they will treasure for ever.

Keepsake table

Keepsake table

Christmas Plates

We find that this time of the year is when we allow ourselves to get creative with the Christmas plates. Serving up mince pies on them and maybe a carrot or two for all of Santa's reindeers. Painting it yourself means that it can be just how you want it. With what ever writing you want and designed and painted by you. (we can assist with writing if needed!)

This year we started our popular Colour Me range, where we have drawn and fired on designs for those who are sometimes stuck for ideas. Christmas 2020 is no exception and we have a few for you to choose.

Christmas Plates

Christmas Plates

All the tree decorations

Large tree decs

Large tree decs

£5 - £6 Selection

£5 - £6 Selection

£8 -£10 Selection

£8 -£10 Selection

£10 - £12 Selection

£10 - £12 Selection

Take Away still Available

For those who would prefer to paint at home we are still offering you the option to pick up a take away kit. The price is the same as painting in the studio but you will need to bring the items back to us to fire for you.


See you all soon.

Jane & Nichola

If you are getting confused by all the changes then you are not alone. Literally everyday we have some fresh Covid News and have to re-think all the plans that were made the day before. If nothing else our brains are being challenged daily to come up with new ways of operating our tiny business.

New Covid News!

We had planned to just operate on a take away basis during December. A phone call yesterday from Gedling Borough Council advising us that we are actually allowed to OPEN for customers in the studio! Well that was a surprise, especially after spending several days re-arranging the studio to look like a shop and changing the booking system to allow for take away browsing.

So in case you missed that I will say again - We are allowed to open, open for painters in the studio!!

The provisos are:

  1. We must maintain the Covid 19 procedure to ensure a safe environment
  2. We are not able to sell any food or drink.
  3. Customers must also wear face masks the whole time in the studio.
  4. Only one family group per table/booking - no mixing
  5. Customers must stay seated and rely on table service.
  6. Maintain social distancing.

The booking system will be back open today for you to book your sessions. At the moment we are remaining closed on Sunday - however if the tables get all booked up for Saturdays we may review the situation.


One to one bookings for baby prints will also stay. This will help us to give sufficient attention to each customer.

Cute Handprint flowers on a large Pillow Vase

Take Away kits will also stay. You are very welcome to order a take away kit and paint at home.


One final word - Me Time is back on! Only 6 tables though and they are all upstairs so if you want to come book now.

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