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Well Hello!

December 2020 is yet another challenge for us! Last week we found out that when the country exits the current lockdown on Wednesday 2nd, that Nottinghamshire is going in to Tier 3. Initially we had thought that this was okay, we had been able to open up for customers in the studio in October when we had been in Tier 3 before. However things are a bit stricter this time and alas we are not able to have painters sitting down in the studio.

Non Essential Shop

December 2020 shelf
Decorations Shelf

Normally November and December are super busy times for us with many people painting Christmas decorations and presents for special people. We hope that to some extent this can continue in December but rather than painting at the studio, you will paint at home instead.

During December we will be open on Fridays and Saturdays as a non essential shop. We have re arranged the downstairs space yet again. It is now opened out for customers to browse our shelves in a socially distanced way.

Take Away Kits

Take Away Kit
Take Away Kit

This month there are two ways to choose your take away items, either book a 15 minute session to come along to the studio to browse for your items or go to the Take Away Kit page and order online.

Included with your chosen items of pottery you will also get several pots of glaze and brushes if you need to borrow them. The pottery will need to be brought back to us to be fired. If you don't then it won't be super shiny or useable.

Hand / Foot Print Keepsakes

Ornaprint reindeer hand
Ornaprint £14

Another big part of this time of year is baby hand and foot prints on things like baubles, mugs and other decorative items. Babies aren't babies for long and we don't want you to miss out on capturing their tiny prints.

During December 2020 on Friday and Saturday mornings there are several one to one sessions available to book where we will help you take the various prints you need. We must stress though that this is not an opportunity for you to sit and paint. If you want to spend time personalising your items you can take them home to finish them off. If you just want some writing and a bit of holly we can do this for you.

We would like to thank you all in advance for continuing to support us and we hope to see you all very soon.

All our love and festive greetings

Jane & Nichola

Well Hello
Gingerbread Man Party £16

It is time to announce our next Me Time Evening at Razzle Dazzle Pots. Open your calendar / diary and mark down Thursday 10th December. Only a few weeks left now to paint all the lovely things for Christmas. Follow the link and book now just go to the date you want and choose the 6:30pm slot.

What about Covid 19?

However much we don't like or don't agree with all of the Covid restrictions that are currently in place we do need to be making the effort to stick to them as much as we can. So with this in mind you will need to book a table, wear a mask when you are in the studio. If you are more concerned about mixing but would still like to come then write in the note that you would like a table upstairs. That way you can be in your own room with limited contact with others.

New to Me Time..

If you have not been to one of our Me Time Evenings but are wondering what they are all about, well here is the basic run down. Once a month (generally) we run an evening session of pottery painting, or sometimes hand building with clay and these sessions are for grown ups, no kids allowed. You can bring your own alcohol and snacks but remember we do serve the most delicious hot chocolates...

The cost depends on the pottery you choose to paint and the session runs from 6:30 - 9:30pm. You do NOT have to arrive exactly at 6.30 - this is just the general time the session starts. But we do ask that you are on your way home by 9.30pm!

If you would like to sit upstairs please write it in the note when booking. Otherwise we will allocate tables depending on numbers.

If you are interested in having a go at hand building with clay - please mention this in the note section on the booking. We DO NOT have a pottery wheel and it would be more about making decorations, wall hangings, pinch or coil pots. We can give you a basic introduction but it is not a taught / guided session but more like play with clay. The cost for this is £15 each. There will be additional costs if you wish to come back and have your items decorated and fired. (painted, glazed and fired)

On an evening you can ask for all the help you need, we can show you how to use the carbon paper, the writers and any manner of special tools. We have a couple of videos on the website of these if you need a sneak preview.

Check out a few fabulous items painted by some of our talented customers.

This post is just to touch base with all our valued customers with an attempt to make sure you all know what is going on with us here at Razzle Dazzle over the second lockdown period.

Closed for lockdown

In summary we are closed until we are able to open again, which we hope will be at the beginning of December. We will send out another post when we have confirmation of a definite date.

We were hoping to do Take away kits as a click and collect or delivery service but we are now not going to do this. We will instead stay at home and do our bit to stop the spread of the virus.

The booking system is still open for dates after the 2nd December. We are hoping that December will be super busy with people excited about painting things to make Christmas 2020 a special one. It is our suggestion that you book now to ensure you can get a table. Knowing that you are all desperate to come in again will mean a few things to us:

  • That we can see if we need to extend opening hours
  • Plan staffing levels
  • Know that our business will survive Covid 19!

    We do ask though that you remember to confirm in the note section of the booking that you are from one household and also - and this is important - if you are planning to paint a bauble. (like the ones below) This will help us a little with our stock levels!

    We will of course contact you to rearrange bookings if dates are different.

    Your pottery

    All items that you are waiting to collect will be kept safe and you will be able to collect them in December. Even if we aren't able to open, we will find a way! Anything taken away to paint at home please keep it safe and bring it back for firing when we are open again.

    Finally we just want to wish everyone well, stay safe and see you in December. (fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed!)

    All our love Jane & Nichola

    Ornaprint £14
    8cm Bauble £14 unpainted
    lockdown bauble
    Paint your own special 2020 bauble
  • What was it we said yesterday? Things are constantly changing and we are making it up as we go along....

    New information, plans changed

    In light of the guidance from the Government about reducing non-essential travel and also the support they are offering for staying closed - we have decided to stay closed fully from Thursday 5th November and *HOPEFULLY re-open on the 3rd December. This means that we WILL NOT be offering the Take Home Kits like we had planned, after Wednesday.

    So if you do want to order something then please get it ordered right away. We will do deliveries over the next two days if you are unable to get to us and we are open Tuesday and Wednesday for the following.

    • Take Away kits to paint at home
    • Collection of fired pottery - Everything has been fired
    • Painting in the studio - book now online or phone up 0115 905 6029
    • Dropping off take away pottery that you want firingAnything ordered after Thursday will have to wait until the 3rd December to be processed.

      Once again we would like to thank you all for supporting us now and in the future. See you all, we hope in December!

      Lots of virtual hugs Jane & Nichola

      PS We have a Christmas Decoration Gallery on the website now!

      *If we can open in December we will!

      Standing tree with wire loop £14
      Snowman Tree Decoration
      Snowman Tree Decoration £9.00
      Llama Decoration £10

      Gingerbread Man Decoration £9
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