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Silver Keepsakes

Baby Hands & Feet in Silver

We know that taking the actual print is the hardest part when ordering an item of silver keepsake jewellery. We have over ten years experience of taking baby prints so why not get the personal touch and let us do the hardwork for you?

Book an appointment now to come in and have us take the print for you. If you would prefer to supply your own print, below you will find a link to our brochure and order form.

All the jewellery items can be made with any image, be that a child or adults hand or foot, a paw print or even drawings and hand written words.

All imprint pendants and charms are made from a recycled silver product made in Japan. The silver is called “fine silver” and is 99.9% silver content. All other parts, i.e. jump rings, chains, keyring carabineers etc.. are made from sterling silver, which has a lower silver content of 92.5%.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make the prints and can I use prints already taken?
    Visit us and we will use a special no mess paper that takes your prints for you. You can also use old prints already made, even if they are a bit messy, we can usually tidy them up.
  • Can you print on both sides?
    Simple answer is no as we imprint from one side. If we could turn over the soft silver clay we use, and imprint the reverse, it would push out the front imprint!
  • Are items hallmarked?
    The products we make are usually below the legal weight so they do not need to be hallmarked. If we did Hallmark, then the cost would increase to cover the stamping and postage and would also add a delay of up to 2 weeks in returning the finished keepsake, as we would have to send items to be tested & hallmarked by the Assay Office.
  • Can anything be engraved on the back of the pendants?
    We can engrave a short message on the back of most pendants and we charge an additional fee for this, but please note, this may delay the return of the finished keepsake by a few days.
  • How many prints and names can you fit on a keepsake?
    We can usually fit two prints on pendants, the larger dog tags will fit three to four prints without making them too small. One print will fit on a charm, due to the size. We can usually fit most names under each print but we always make a layout for you to approve. If we have a problem fitting long names you will have the opportunity to review and suggest alternative design and layouts.
  • Do you always send a layout for approval?
    Yes, we believe that it is important that all designs, layouts and spellings are double checked before commencing work. This gives you the chance to change your mind on layout, or style, before expensive work commences. It is important to note, that once your approval has been given, and work has commenced on the product, any changes or errors cannot be rectified and a replacement would be needed. This cost would be the responsibility of the customer who approved the layout, including any associated additional postage costs.
  • Do you make fingerprints silver items?
    Yes we do. 
  • What happens if my silver tarnishes?
    Tarnish happens to all silver products, we coat our products to reduce the speed of tarnish but cannot stop it completely, if you have tarnish issues and want to know how to clean and care for your silver please click here for more information
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