Razzle Dazzle Pots
Paint your own pottery studio
Razzle Dazzle Pots

Take Away Kit Instructions

1. If you are unfamiliar with our process please take a moment to read through these instructions

2. The pots of colour are glazes not paint so work in a different way to regular paints.

3. You need to paint each colour three times over to get a solid colour - if you paint fewer layers it won’t be paler, it will be wishy washy and patchy. The layers dry quickly and will fade to look very pastel - they will however fire bright like the colour chart.

4. If you thinking of painting a large item one colour, consider using a sponge to create a mottled look - this is because the pots of paint in the bag are unlikely to be enough. When sponging you can do one, two or three layers depending on the effect you want to create.
5. If children are using the paints, unless you are confident they are responsible and won’t contaminate the colours with other colours, please do not let them paint directly from the pots instead decant a small amount onto a plate or tile. The glaze will wash off easily.

6. Please do not paint the bottom of your item of pottery as we will need to wipe this off before it goes into the kiln.

7. When your item is dry put it back in the bag with the left over glazes and bring it back to the studio.

8. Give us a call or message to check that we are here to receive the items. The normal turn around for fired items is one week - we will let you know when you drop off if this is still the case!
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