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Change of Plan

What was it we said yesterday? Things are constantly changing and we are making it up as we go along....

New information, plans changed

In light of the guidance from the Government about reducing non-essential travel and also the support they are offering for staying closed - we have decided to stay closed fully from Thursday 5th November and *HOPEFULLY re-open on the 3rd December. This means that we WILL NOT be offering the Take Home Kits like we had planned, after Wednesday.

So if you do want to order something then please get it ordered right away. We will do deliveries over the next two days if you are unable to get to us and we are open Tuesday and Wednesday for the following.

  • Take Away kits to paint at home
  • Collection of fired pottery - Everything has been fired
  • Painting in the studio - book now online or phone up 0115 905 6029
  • Dropping off take away pottery that you want firingAnything ordered after Thursday will have to wait until the 3rd December to be processed.

    Once again we would like to thank you all for supporting us now and in the future. See you all, we hope in December!

    Lots of virtual hugs Jane & Nichola

    PS We have a Christmas Decoration Gallery on the website now!

    *If we can open in December we will!

    Standing tree with wire loop £14
    Snowman Tree Decoration
    Snowman Tree Decoration £9.00
    Llama Decoration £10

    Gingerbread Man Decoration £9
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