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Clay Imprint Keepsakes

Do you have a little one that will never be that size again? Now is the time to get some special keepsake items made before they grow too much! If you don't then perhaps you know someone who does and could let them know about the clay imprint service that we offer here at Razzle Dazzle Pots.

Our pottery painting studio is the perfect location to capture those tiny hand & foot clay imprints for those timeless keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come! We have been doing this now since 2010 so we are getting quite good at capturing your little ones hand and foot prints.

Forget those ‘do it yourself’ kits come along and get us to do it for you properly.

How much does a clay imprint cost?

One imprint is £25.00, Two Imprints £35 and for two hands and two feet (only available for very small babies) - £40. All prices are for a single slab of clay.

How does it work?

The process does involve us holding your child’s hand or foot firmly and excerpting pressure to impress the hand or foot into the soft clay. Some children will find this restricting or uncomfortable and may cry. If you are in anyway nervous about the process please indicate to the staff member before we start so that we can discuss things with you and it maybe that you will need to wait until your child is a little older. However saying all of the that we have successfully done babies as young as five days old.

We will normally make one more than you require, this is an ‘insurance’ piece. Clay is a natural product and as such is not always predictable. There is a chance that the clay may crack at any time during the whole process, either drying out, first firing or second firing.

We do the extra one in the hope that one will not crack! Nine times out of ten both are fine and you will have the option to purchase the extra one at a reduced price. If all of them crack then we will of course get you back into repeat the process.

During the appointment we will discuss with you the colour you want the imprints to be and what you would like written on it. The clay is then left to dry. Once fully dried out we fire it, then colour and write on it, it is then fired for a second time to make it all shiny and bright!

As we want to prevent cracking as much as possible we allow the clay to dry slowly and as a result it can take three or four weeks (sometimes longer if its cold) for you to get your finished product

Is it just for babies?

Absolutely not! Any age can have their imprint done. Perhaps you could have a family keepsake made with mum, dad and the children. Prices for this option are bespoke so you will need to discuss the options with you. We can also do imprints of older loved one, that perhaps might not be with us for much longer. We have close links with Hayward House and have made many special pieces of loved ones.

If you are interested in having this done then please give us a call or go online to book your session now.

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