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December 2020

Well Hello!

December 2020 is yet another challenge for us! Last week we found out that when the country exits the current lockdown on Wednesday 2nd, that Nottinghamshire is going in to Tier 3. Initially we had thought that this was okay, we had been able to open up for customers in the studio in October when we had been in Tier 3 before. However things are a bit stricter this time and alas we are not able to have painters sitting down in the studio.

Non Essential Shop

December 2020 shelf
Decorations Shelf

Normally November and December are super busy times for us with many people painting Christmas decorations and presents for special people. We hope that to some extent this can continue in December but rather than painting at the studio, you will paint at home instead.

During December we will be open on Fridays and Saturdays as a non essential shop. We have re arranged the downstairs space yet again. It is now opened out for customers to browse our shelves in a socially distanced way.

Take Away Kits

Take Away Kit
Take Away Kit

This month there are two ways to choose your take away items, either book a 15 minute session to come along to the studio to browse for your items or go to the Take Away Kit page and order online.

Included with your chosen items of pottery you will also get several pots of glaze and brushes if you need to borrow them. The pottery will need to be brought back to us to be fired. If you don't then it won't be super shiny or useable.

Hand / Foot Print Keepsakes

Ornaprint reindeer hand
Ornaprint £14

Another big part of this time of year is baby hand and foot prints on things like baubles, mugs and other decorative items. Babies aren't babies for long and we don't want you to miss out on capturing their tiny prints.

During December 2020 on Friday and Saturday mornings there are several one to one sessions available to book where we will help you take the various prints you need. We must stress though that this is not an opportunity for you to sit and paint. If you want to spend time personalising your items you can take them home to finish them off. If you just want some writing and a bit of holly we can do this for you.

We would like to thank you all in advance for continuing to support us and we hope to see you all very soon.

All our love and festive greetings

Jane & Nichola

Well Hello
Gingerbread Man Party £16
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