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Razzle Dazzle Pots

Getting the place ready

Whilst the studio has been closed we have been doing a bit of decorating and getting the place ready for you to come in and paint. Parts of downstairs, the actual stairs and the upstairs studios have had a make over and are looking gorgeous. We are feeling like we have been on an episode of Changing Rooms! Right from the beginning of lockdown we had an idea that once it was all over the way we do things are going to have to change. To start with downstairs we have moved one table out, this means there is more room to move around and also that you can be seated a little further apart. To compensate we will be using upstairs a lot more.

With this is in mind we have made better use of the upstairs rooms. We now have three rooms upstairs that will be available for painters.

The party room which many of you will already be familiar with has had a coat or two of varnish on the floor and a little bit of paint here and there. The tables are laid out for painters and can easily be moved around for when we can have groups in again.

The room across from the party room - Studio 2, was at one time used for doing clay work but since the wheels died it became a bit of a store room / overflow studio. This has been cleared of all storage and had a makeover. We think it is looking lovely. In there is a big table for eight and a regular table that seats four.

Our new room, which once was office to Jane's husband, Paul, is now our Studio 1 - Paul has moved office and we have given it a whole new look. Here you will find a small table for two and a large table for seven. It also has a sofa!

Once we are able to socialise with different people the two smaller rooms will be available to book for small parties.

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