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Make a tile wall mural

Whether you fancy a small selection of painted tiles to make your own tile mural wall or are looking for a much bigger community project come to us to get your art work immortalised in ceramics.

Tile Wall Mural in the making

We have an impressive tile mural in the hallway of the studio - it was created from tiles painted on the opening weekend of the studio ten years ago! Can you believe we have been here for that long now!

The picture above shows half of the prize that was won by Ernhale Primary and Junior Schools a couple of years ago. The school won the competition by generating the most votes and the pupils got to paint the tiles with glazes in school supervised by their teachers. We then fired them ready for the creation of this fantastic mural for their Forest School.

You don't need to enter a competition though to have something similar for your school, community building or even downstairs loo. The tiles have a standard price of £6 each but for a substantial quantity we can negotiate the price and you can either come to the studio or paint at home or other location using a take away kit.

Other murals done include an incredible wall of poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day and a display of flowers for a new community garden. What will you do?

If you are interested in a school or community project please call us for a quote - 0115 905 6029

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