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Me Time Evening October 2020

It is time to announce our next Me Time Evening at Razzle Dazzle Pots. Open your calendar / diary and mark down Thursday 29th October. If you have children you will have just been through half term and I am sure you will be desperate for some time away from them for an evening. Get someone nice to look after them for a few hours.

Other dates available so far are 19 Nov and 10 Dec and you can follow the link and book any of them now just go to the date you want.

Latest booking limitation!

A single booking must contain only those from your own family household or support bubble. If you have made a booking for October Me Time and you do not fit this criteria please let us know or cancel your booking. We have emailed everyone but not heard back from some. At the moment we have only a few tables left but this may change when people update their booking. If you want to come book online now.

Do we need to wear a face mask?

However much some of us don't like or even agree with all of the Covid restrictions that are currently in place we do need to be making the effort to stick to them as much as we can. So with this in mind you will need to book a table, wear a mask when you come (but not when sitting down) and we do take peoples contact details as part of the booking process so that bit is covered. If you are more concerned about mixing but would still like to come then you can choose a table upstairs. That way you can be in your own room with limited contact with others. Please state this on the booking so we are aware. This is important as we may move bookings to fit the availability.

Bookings only for single households or support bubble.

New to Me Time..

If you have not been to one of our Me Time Evenings but are wondering what they are all about, well here is the basic run down. Once a month (generally) we run an evening session of pottery painting, or sometimes hand building with clay and these sessions are for grown ups, no kids allowed. You can bring your own alcohol and snacks but remember we do serve the most delicious hot chocolates...

The cost depends on the pottery you choose to paint and the session runs from 6:30 - 9:30pm. You do NOT have to arrive exactly at 6.30 - this is just the general time the session starts. But we do ask that you are on your way home by 9.30pm!

On an evening you can ask for all the help you need, we can show you how to use the carbon paper, the writers and any manner of special tools. We have a couple of videos on the website of these if you need a sneak preview.

Check out a few fabulous items painted by some of our talented customers and a couple by us!

Mandala Jug
1 Litre Jug £28 Painted by Detzi
cocoa Mug
Cocoa Mug £16 Painted by Sam
Large Triangle Plate
Large triangle plate £22 painted by Jane
Flamingo Plate
Flamingo Plate - 10" £14 Painted by Amber
Fox Ornaprint
Sleeping Fox Ornaprint Decoration £14 painted by Nichola
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