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Who doesn't love a mermaid? Well plenty I suppose and if you don't, then skip to the next story. So, hopefully I am now just talking to those of you who do love these fantasy creatures.

Fortunately for you (and us) we have quite few of each of them for you to paint here at Razzle Dazzle Pots.

Our selection

Famous mermaids, hmm, how many can we draw inspiration from? There is the Little Mermaid from either Hans Christian Anderson or Disney, those feisty ones in the lake in Harry Potter and there were some in Peter Pan too. We find that the painters of mermaids at our studio are mostly girls, mostly under twelve and they for some reason paint the tails turquoise and the hair red! I have searched our photos though and have found a few that buck the trend!

Whilst writing this I discovered that a group of Mermaids is called a gossip. There you go, a bit of useless information for you that may one day come in handy on a quiz night! The photo above shows a Gossip of mermaids that we almost always have in stock. They are very popular and can be found on our £16 shelf.

Take away pottery painting kits in Nottingham
Mermaid Party figurine

This lovely Mermaid is a money bank, doesn't she look great with her blue lips and her pink hair? see, not red!

Mermaid bank

These fabulous versions are on our £18 shelf.

We have a new mermaid inspired item too, this is a lovely ring dish..

mermaid tail

Remember if you would like to come along to paint please book your table. This can be done by following the link below or going to our website. If you don't book but just turn up you may be asked to wait for a table, or more likely just to respect others in the studio and wait for them to sit before you choose.

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