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Soap by Laura

We have been very fortunate to take delivery of a deliciously fragrant selection of hand made soap by Laura. Great combinations of fragrance mean there is something for everyone from Vanilla and Egg to Zesty Juniper Berry with Orange.

Why handmade?

Laura is a local artisan who has turned her hand to soap making in response to the seemingly never ending stream of single use plastics that are currently clogging up the oceans and waterways of the world. She is passionate about sourcing environmentally kind and natural products that seem to be in short supply in the mass produced products available on the high street. Each ingredient has been selected for its properties and its environmental integrity, none of our soaps contain Palm Oil and all the soap are packaged in fully biodegradable packaging.

With the current climate of hand washing more often to reduce the spread of Covid 19, why not support a local artisan, a local business and enjoy an ethically produced product at the same time? Learn to love your skin and come along in to the studio and pick yours up soon.

Remember if you are interested in coming to the studio to paint pottery you need to book in advance. If you decide to come on the same day - you will need to phone to book your table, since the lockdown and the reorganisation of the studio and upstairs we have plenty of space so please don't be put off calling. We need your support and custom to stay in business!

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