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Update, rule of 6, face masks etc

Just a really quick post about the rule of 6 and general guidelines for booking and how they effect your visit to us here at Razzle Dazzle Pots.

Things to know

Since we re-opened in July we implemented a computerised system for recording your orders, this is purely for our own use and has helped us to be more efficient when it comes to you coming to collect. No more lost receipts!

If there ever becomes a reason for the powers that be to contact us about track and trace then we will of course contact you first to check that you are okay with us sharing your details. We will also know the time you come in, which we consider reduces the need for unnecessary isolation.

Every table is sanitised after you leave, along with the bottles, brushes, pallets etc.

Tiny Tot Princess and Pig Collectible
Tiny Tot Princess and Pig Collectible
Snow White & Tinkwinkle
Snow White & Tinkwinkle

Please wear a face mask as much as possible, when you arrive or are moving around the studio. Then at the table only wear one if you want to. Encourage young people to stay seated as much as possible and if everyone could try to reduce the amount of close contact with other people.

The rule of 6 is confusing to say the least. In simple terms it means that we should allocate no more than six people to a table, so if your group is more than six (including non painters) then please make two separate bookings and if you mention it when booking, we will make sure that the tables are in the same room and as close to each other as possible whilst still socially distancing.

We do ask though that you encourage your group especially your young people to stay seated as much as possible.

Razzle Dazzle pots

October Half Term

We hope that there will not be any additional lockdown rules in place in Nottingham over the two week half term period. However if there are we will be offering take away kits. October half term is one of the two yearly events that carries us through the quiet times.

Your patronage during these times is what ensures we stay in business.

I am not going to beat about the bush, times are hard for all businesses and our little one is no different so you supporting us by coming in to the studio or having a take away kit helps us stay open and we thank you all very much and apologise for all of the draconian rules that we simply have no choice but to follow if we wish to stay open.

See you again soon.

Jane & Nichola

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