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We are good to go

At one time if we talked about keeping customers & staff safe we would immediately think about security measures and risk assessments for potential hazards. In this new world order of Covid 19, however, it means washing your hands and new buzz words like social distancing and one metre plus.

Things here at Razzle Dazzle Pots have changed a little bit and we feel that we are good to go, we have tried to keep the same friendly atmosphere and experience you all know and love but with just a few added cleaning procedures and the moving of furniture.


1. As of the 24th July 2020 the Government has issued a directive that everyone should be wearing a face covering to help protect others and restrict the possible spread of the pesky virus we all have come to love and hate!! well more hate than love.. So wear your mask when you arrive, and once you are sat down you can take it off. Please restrict movement around the studio. We will stop this practice as soon as we are advised we can!

2. Every table now has hand sanitiser on it, so has the counter. Please use this or your own frequently when in the studio. Also follow the guidance on hand washing.

3. New usable spaces upstairs mean that customers can socially distance whilst enjoying the pottery painting experience.

4. On the tables is a reminder about our procedures - so stay seated as much as possible, avoid touching things unnecessarily and only one person approach the counter when coming to pay.

5. We have gone computerised - woo hoo! No more hunting around for your receipt when you come to collect. It will be in your email, or failing that we have your transaction on our computer. It is all password protected (twice!) and it is just for our use - it will not be shared with anyone else. If we get a report of someone being confirmed as Covid 19 positive then we are obliged to share the relevant peoples contact details with the NHS Track and Trace, but only for that day. If you do not want this to happen please let us know and we will make a note on your record.

6. Booking - to help again with limiting contact between customers please book your session with us - there are buttons on the website and Facebook to take you to the right page. You can also call us and book over the phone - 0115 905 6029. You can still come in on the off chance but we would prefer if you call ahead.

7. After you have gone we will sanitise the table and all the stuff you have used. We have to be honest it is starting to smell a bit of anti-bacterial spray in here!

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